Cape Cod Home Additions: Why a Second Story is the Way To Go

With the red-hot real estate market on Cape Cod showing no signs of slowing down, finding a new home has never been more challenging. Bidding wars have become the norm, and properties are often snapped up within hours of hitting the market. This has, in turn, fueled a surge in home remodeling as residents look to fulfill their needs by renovating rather than moving. And as people continue to spend more time at home, creating more livable space has become the driving factor in taking on large-scale projects such as building a home addition.

Perhaps you or your spouse now works from home full time, and an office has become a must. A simple one-story space situated off a quieter portion of the home solves the problem right now. But what becomes of the space after retirement?


Even without a bath, your new addition will likely require plumbing work for the heating system. With a plumbing crew already part of the overall project, why not add a bath to your home office? Even a powder room would add convenience now and allow the space to be used as a bedroom later. Make it a full bath and you have created a first-floor primary bedroom for future use, which can be a game-changer in your golden years and add to your home’s resale value. Double down on the equation with a second floor with another bedroom and bath, and you’ve further increased resale value and created a space for visiting family and friends.

cape cod builder
A second-floor bedroom we designed that feels spacious and cozy.

Building a home addition, even a small one, is an investment. Because there are several fixed costs associated with adding on, opting for a second story can typically double the living space without doubling the cost. The cost of preliminary site work and the foundation remain the same, and, while the price of electrical and plumbing work is certainly higher with a two-story addition than with a one-story, generally speaking, it isn’t nearly twice as much.

cape cod builders
Building up rather than out maximizes your home’s existing footprint.

If your home is in an environmentally sensitive area – on a waterfront lot or abutting conservation land – there may be limitations on how much you can increase the size of your home’s footprint. Should this be the case, a two-story home addition is smart way to get the space you need while working within zoning restrictions.

And finally, when designing a home addition, our goal is always that it appear to be part of the original home. With a two-story home, a one-story addition can look “off,” like it’s an afterthought, while a two-story one will feel, well, right at home.

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