Home Design Trends for 2023

Each year, as the holidays approach, much ado is made about predicting what the next “big thing” will be in home design. A lot of what we see on websites and in magazines from those who are allegedly “in the know” about all things home makes us scratch our heads. Yet other predictions seem to strike the right note, not only for trends in 2023 but, we hope, for some time to come.

Here are some of our favorites:

Modern Farmhouse

Some within the design community have predicted the imminent demise of modern farmhouse style, but we don’t see an aesthetic that’s all about a sophisticated take on homey, livable spaces going anywhere anytime soon.

As Cape Cod builders, we are more focused on the structural elements of modern farmhouse, rather than interior design items such as paint color and fabrics. It starts with a dramatic roofline, perhaps with multiple peaks or gables, and oversized windows. Black-clad windows, so popular now on the Cape, are a classic modern farmhouse feature. Carriage-house-style garage doors and farmer’s porches are other modern farmhouse must-haves.

cape cod builder
This Silvia & Silvia-built home features many modern farmhouse characteristics.

Approachable, Useable Luxury

With more than five decades of experiences as custom homebuilders on Cape Cod, we have built countless high-end homes, all of which are imbued with a sense of luxury. But whether a home is a simple cottage for a family of four or a waterfront compound meant to be enjoyed by multiple generations, if a home doesn’t feel inviting, it has missed the mark.

If you are considering building a new home or undertaking a large-scale renovation, think about investing in spaces that will actually see a lot of use, rather than more formal rooms that see only occasional use. The perfect example? The kitchen.

cape cod builders
Custom cabinetry, fine millwork, hardwood floors and chef-grade appliances add cost to a new kitchen, but, because the space is used every single day, the value can’t be underestimated.

Interiors With Warmth and Texture

Again, because we are builders, we tend to take a broader view than an interior designer might. For adding texture to a room, there is simply nothing like custom millwork. Just a touch of millwork – a batten board or shiplap wall treatment – is an easy, cost-effective way to add texture and visual interest to a space. More elaborate examples include custom built-ins and an intricate fireplace surround and mantel.

Flooring also plays a big role in introducing warmth to space. Hardwood flooring in a honey or espresso hue instantly makes a room feel welcoming.

home design trends 2023
With this home, we used extravagant custom millwork to create an intimate seating area within an expansive living area. The curve follows the unexpected bow in the home’s exterior wall.

Surrounding Yourself With More Stuff

As the world spent more time at home, people reevaluated their spaces. Rooms that felt refreshingly uncluttered came across as cold and unfinished. Sparse was out; stuff was in. And it has stayed in. And we, not as builders, but simply as people, found ourselves pulling out cherished items that had long been tucked away.

“Cherished items” appears to be the key in getting the look right, according to online tastemakers and glossy magazines. Think pieces that came from Mom rather than HomeGoods; a painting that hung on the wall in your childhood home; a platter that Gran pulled out for every holiday dinner.

It’s a fine line between a space that feels layered and one that is overwhelmed with tchotchkes. Play with your space until it feels like you, rather than your interior designer, decorated it.

With just the right amount of art, objects and textiles, this bedroom feels put together without feeling too carefully thought out. Photo via These Three Rooms.

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