Millbrook Crossing

Redevelopment of the Saint George Street/ Railroad Ave Property, Duxbury, MA

Project Description: We propose to develop a mixed use development with office, retail and residential uses on the site. The concept envisioned for the site consists of two separate, two story tall, wood frame buildings with parking in the rear of the property. The buildings are designed to completely blend in with the neighborhood character of Duxbury. Many of the exterior details are familiar elements of the Historic residential character of the Town.

Each building will have pitched, shingle style roofs, double hung windows, and covered entry porches, balcony railings, and wood casing around all windows and doors. The site will be properly landscaped with lawn, shrubs and trees around each building to create a pleasant entryway into the Town and into the development.

The first building will occupy the prominent corner of Saint George Street and Railroad Avenue (The Saint George Street building). It is located to anchor the corner and restore the sidewalk and general streetscape of the corner. To that end, the building’s shape is that of a widened “L” shape to follow the alignment of the Saint George and Railroad Avenue. Parking is located at the ends of the building and at the rear. An elevator lobby is located in the rear of the building providing access to five (5) to seven (7) apartments located on the second floor.

The second building is located at mid block along Railroad Avenue (Railroad Avenue building) and will be set back from the street to provide parking for the retail and office users in front and separate residential parking in the rear. This building is more rectangular in shape with a projecting center main entrance and smaller projecting ends. An elevator lobby at the rear of this building provides access to seven (7) two bedroom apartments located on the second floor. The ground floor of each building will be devoted to office and retail uses. The second floor of both buildings provides the Town with 12 to 14 much needed rental, residential units, consisting of a possible mix of one and two bedroom apartments. The majority of the apartments will be rented at market rate with two of the units rented as affordable units.

Proposed Development Square Footage: The Saint George Street building is approximately 12,443 square feet on the ground floor (with 10,646 square feet of office/retail space) and 12,300 square feet on the second floor for a total of approximately 24,743 square feet. The Railroad Avenue building is approximately 13,060 square feet on the ground floor (with 11,460 square feet of office/retail space) and 12,929 square feet on the second floor for a total of approximately 25,989 square feet. The total project development is, therefore, approximately 50,732 square feet. Number of Parking spaces: All parking is located at grade and is distributed throughout the site. The total parking spaces provided are approximately 127 spaces. The majority of the spaces are located at the rear of the buildings and along the perimeter of the site.

Reference Drawings: The Proposed development plan is consistent with preliminary drawings prepared by Campbell-Smith Architects, Inc. dated July 11, 2006. Drawings are numbered 1 of 3, 2 of 3, and 3 of 3 for the Saint George Street building and 1 of 2, and 2 of 2, for the Railroad Avenue building. The Proposed Redevelopment Plan of Millbrook Crossing, drawings SD-1 through SD-7 and L-1, is as prepared by Coastal Engineering Company Inc. dated July 10, 2006.